Crown City Medical Group

Medical care for the entire family.

At Crown City Medical Group we believe that every person deserves to have access to quality preventive healthcare services. Preventive healthcare can help you avoid many common conditions and life-threatening diseases at a fraction of the cost of treating those diseases.

Our comprehensive care includes:

Medical Care

We treat chronic conditions such as:   
Diabetes  ?  Hypertension  ?  Obesity  ?  High Cholesterol  ?  Arthritis
Acute Conditions and infections such as:
Upper Respiratory Infection  ?  Abdominal Pain  ?  Asthma/COPD  ?  Urinary Tract Infection
Family Planning
Annual Physical Exams
And a spectrum of other medical services for women and men.

Pediatric Care

We provide pediatric care services for infants to teenagers
Physical Exams  ?  Vision and Hearing Tests  ?  School required Pertussis Vaccination  ?  Immunizations  ?  Lead Test and School Physicals  ?  CHDP

Senior Care

Our senior care includes:
Senior Wellness Exam  ?  Pneumococcal Vaccines  ?  Shingles Vaccines  ?  Health Education  ?  Nurse Coordinator


Chemical Peel  ?  Mini Peel  ?  Microdermabrasion  ?  MB-UVB  ?  Dermalight  ?  Ingrown Toenail  ?  Skin Tag Removal  ?  Wart Removal  ?  Mole Removal

We also provide the following physicals and exams for:

Workmen’s Comp Exams
DMV Physicals
Immigration Physicals (at our Los Angeles location)

We accept the following Health plans (insurances):

Medicare & Medi-Cal

Blue Cross
Blue Shield
Citizen’s Choice
Community Health Plan    

Health Care Partners
Healthy Kids
Healthy Family
LA Care
and others

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