EMG’s benefits for diagnosis

The field of electrodiagnostic medicine has greatly advanced and improved the ability of physicians to diagnose the myriad conditions that can affect the peripheral nervous system. Electromyography (EMG) is a vital tool for diagnosing neuromuscular disorders.

It is preferable that EMG be performed by a specialized physician rather than a technician. Our board-certified physiatrists are specialists in electrodiagnostic medicine and are best-qualified to provide EMG and nerve conduction studies.

EMG and NCS go hand in hand

EMG tests the electrical activity of a muscle that is causing you numbness, weakness or pain. Depending on the muscle being tested, you will sit or lie down while a very thin electrode is placed into the muscle. While you contract and flex the muscle, the electrode records its electrical activity. For the most complete information and an accurate diagnosis, a nerve conduction study (NCS) is usually performed in conjunction with EMG.

The NCS supplements the EMG test to evaluate possible nerve disease. The nerve being tested is stimulated by a mild electrical impulse as electrodes record its speed as it travels from one point to another. A normally functioning nerve will transmit a stronger and faster signal than a damaged or diseased nerve. The NCS process will be repeated for each nerve being tested.

EMG and NCS detect abnormalities of muscles or nerves that can be caused by many conditions, including trauma, compression, spinal problems, diabetic neuropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, inflammation, arthritis, chemical sensitivity and herniated disc(s).

The team at Crown City Rehabilitation Institute has successfully treated thousands of patients by reducing their pain and improving their function and quality of life. Our board-certified physiatrists are dedicated to helping you feel comfortable and cared for while they deliver today’s most effective treatments.

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