Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel


Millions of Americans suffer from the often painful joints known as arthritis. But few know that there are many kinds of arthritis, and all require different treatment. Most importantly, you don’t have to live with arthritis pain. At Crown City Rehabilitation Institute, we take a team approach to arthritis care. We combine the expertise of rheumatology, pain management and orthopedic specialists to give each patient the best chance for a successful treatment outcome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome.

It can be just as painful and debilitating as arthritis, but carpal tunnel syndrome affects only the wrist. The condition typically affects people who perform repetitive movements (typing at a computer, working on a small parts assembly line) with their hands. In many cases, carpal tunnel syndrome can be corrected without surgery. The Crown City Rehabilitation Institute team can help you avoid surgery or provide surgery when you have no other options.

Why Crown City Rehabilitation Institute?

The team at Crown City Rehabilitation Institute has successfully treated thousands of patients by reducing their pain and improving their function and quality of life. Our board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists are dedicated to helping you feel comfortable and cared for while they deliver today’s most effective treatments. Now it’s time to discover how they can help you.

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